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Tennis is proud to offer YTEX tennis racquet strings, the number two best rated tennis string ever.

YTEX tennis racquet strings are created by a revolutionary process that focuses on enhancing the performance of all tennis players, such the Thermo Foil Cooling Process (TFCH) which is a patented technology that heats and cools the string three times and translates into simply THE most comfortable feel there is on the tennis string market today!

Using only the the best quality raw materials and having top of the range manufacturing equipment for the production of YTEX tennis strings represent the greatest VALUE for tennis players and our members.

View the videos below to see why YTEX tennis strings are among the best on the market.

1. YTEX Quadro Twist String Click Here>>

2. YTEX Quadro Twist Black Tennis String Click Here>>

40% Retail Mark Up on Each Wholesale Price

The suggested RETAIL price on each YTEX string set, earns your business a 40% profit margin!

YTEX Catalogue

We have listed the top 8 performing YTEX tennis string sets on this site, to view the YTEX catalogue click here on the YTEX icon>>

To ORDER YTEX tennis string sets, which are not listed on this site, click here>>       

Please note - minimum order amounts: 2 sets of reels and or 50 sets of single string packs, unless otherwise agreed upon prior to purchase, click here to contact us>>

* All prices include standard postage and handling within Australia only, please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

* All prices listed are wholesale prices.

Our Recommended Retail Prices are listed within each item and are a guide only.

Quadro Twist Black - Reel - 600ft/200m - $254.50 for a Minimum Order: 2 sets
Quadro Twist Black - Reel - 600ft/200m - $254.50 for a Minimum Order: 2 sets

RATED 1st in Spin by Racquet Sports Industry Magazine (RSI) playtest team. RATED 2nd ONLY to an all natural gut, in overall score. This revolutionary "SQUARE" tennis string offers exceptional and superior playing experience More product information