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Ultimate Tennis Practice for Three Players | Tennis, Coaching, Lessons, Video, Training Tips, Drills
Ultimate Tennis Practice for 3 Players

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Ultimate Tennis Practice for 3 Players

This book provides material to enjoy an American Doubles game.

OK, here is a scenario: you and your week-end tennis partner (let's call him Sam) just found out that one of your friends (Steve) would like to join you.

And that makes it a bit uncomfortable for both, you and Sam, because so far it has been easy, the 2 of you were used to keeping it simple - warm-up then play a couple of sets followed by lunch.

But now, with Steve wanting to join you, playing the usual sets would not work as easily; with three players your usual routine would be complicated. You'll have to get more creative to make the practice with 3 fun and get a good workout.  

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